• GreenGrade Staff Posted on 2015-03-17 16:03:29 UTC Posted by GreenGrade Staff Member

    by Anneysa Ghosh, Assistant Project Manager of UpSkill

    Is your smart phone a trophy wife or an equal partner? It is high time we start being smart with our smartphone and allow it to make us to live and work smartly. Trust me it can handle stress and manage your day so you can concentrate on taking the world…

    The beauty of a smartphone is that it can start from making your morning coffee to monitoring your goodnight sleep. However, if not used to its optimum limits, then it is just another uselessly expensive gadget in your hand.

    Today, my friends and family consider me as the most organised and focused individual. I am an ‘app fanatic’ and this is a blog where I list the most important ‘free’ apps that organises my day and help me to stay committed, thus making me better at what I do (since I wake up til' I go back to sleep).

    1. Sleepbot: To wake up with lot of energy and ready to conquer, one needs a goodnight sleep. Sleepbot tracks sleeping patterns and gently wakes you up at the best possible hour. My housemate always woke up angry and tired as she did not know that there is something known as ‘sleep cycle’. Now those days for angry mornings due to her loud alarm breaking her deep sleep are history. It’s free and has lots of information to improve your sleeping habits. Now, I wake up happy which positively affects my mood and productivity at work.

    2. Guardian App: This app downloads the latest content as soon as it’s connected to the Internet. It takes me 45 minutes to get to work, and unlike many Londoners who complain about the tube, I get the most of a crowded journey. I get myself on top of the latest World news and then pretend to be the ‘smarty pant’ at 9am as I walk into work. I like this app because it allows me to pick my favourite subjects and keep myself on the loop.

    3. Producteev: At GreenGrade we work with remote teams, fact that makes coordination one of the most important aspects of our roles. Producteev is just another task-management software for teams, but the key is in its simple user-interface and accessibility. It is available as native mobile apps for both android and iOS that make teams collaborate anytime and anywhere. At the moment, we all assign, co-ordinate, debate and complete our activities over Producteev. Hence, the first thing I do every morning at my desk is sip on my morning coffee and look through Producteev.

    4. UpSkill: Our company, Greengrade is a leader in social compliance, therefore it is extremely important that the team is always informed and updated with the latest headlines on ethical compliance and social standards. UpSkill is an e-learning platform that raises the awareness levels of compliance and labour standards. Everyday I do a practice session on GreenGrade’s UpSkill platform to validate and increase my knowledge in areas of social compliance, as UpSkill is a flexible, user-friendly platform that measures your understanding in real time. Did I say that prior knowledge of social compliance isn’t needed? Click here to know more about UpSkill and maybe do a demo!

    5. Evernote: I accidentally bumped into this App, which must be everyone’s favourite, especially if you use Android and iOS simultaneously. It is the easiest platform to save everything, from my handwritten notes to a holiday blog. I love it because it supports audio files and chrome extensions that clip everything I need for future reference. As it synchronises well, I have it on my phone, laptop and work desktop, thus helping me organise my ideas and retrieve them whenever I want. Evernote is a must if you love having early-evenings meetings in a café!

    6. Nike Training Club: Now we all know the importance of staying fit and that can be achieved from a brisk walk to yoga. Believe me, I have tried everything other than climbing and recently, I have started using Nike+ training club. The App works as my personal trainer and pushes me to workout after a long day at work by setting milestones. I must admit this App does need some improvements, but I am absolutely sold as it allows me to connect up to Spotify (that is another app and the only one I use for music), and pushes me to maintain my commitment to “a healthy January”.

    7. Wunderlist: A fantastic App when it comes to portable scheduler. Before I start my night reading and detach myself from technology, I schedule my activities on Wunderlist as necessary. Next day at work this helps me to prioritise tasks, whether personal or professional. It also allows me to share the tasks with my friends or colleagues if I need to. It also sends me reminders on my personal goals from ‘eating a fruit’ to ‘finishing this blog’.

    There are plenty of ‘free’ and awesome Apps available that can make life extremely simple and organised. Nevertheless, it is up to us to implement them otherwise they are just another annoying piece of codes taking up your memory. In my generation, we all want to be super productive and conquer the world. That’s the attitude! However, that is only possible if you clear up your space and let yourself breadth by efficiently managing your time and productivity.